Monday, 1 February 2016

Lost in Art

A sort of Index to chess in art posts on Lost on Time.
For chess in art posts in an earlier incarnation see here  

25 March Hackney Seen in New York - Tom Hackney's upcoming shows in the States

24 June Hackey Seen in St. Louis etc - Tom Hackney again, plus conceptual art in London

26 August Chess in Art: Richier Revisited - Germaine Richier's great chess set at Tate Modern

2 September Chess in Art: Miss Tanning's Appendix - She who played chess with Max Ernst

9 September Chess in Art: RA Afterthought - Chess in architecture

25 November Wot a Lot - David Bowie flogs a chess set

23 December Chess in Art: Tinkling the Ivories - Hot chess at the Carvery

6 January Chess in Art; Chess Board Cubism - Cubes and squares

13 January Chess in Art: Again, With A Footnote - John Berger RIP

Lost in History

A sort of Index to Lost on Time history posts:
For chess history in an earlier incarnation see here.

8 April  The Baby and The Bike -  An addition to the story of Edwardian player E.M.Jellie (begun here, and continued here).

6 May et seq.  A seven part series on Louisa Matilda Fagan, maybe the strongest female player in late Victorian England: including her chess, her family, and her politics - 1. Waltzing Matilda2: Mrs Fagan's Game;  3: Mrs Fagan's Game Resumed4: Mrs Fagan's Family 5: Mrs Fagan's Politics;  6: Another Mrs Fagan...and Her Politics7...And the  Final "Mrs Fagan"

16 September  A French Connection - Young French aristos caught playing chess in Richmond.

30 September & 14 October  Played on Squares (Bloomsbury and Chess) 8 - and 9, on E.M. Forster - a continuation of the series begun in 2015 here.

16 December The Bird Has Landed  - an appreciation of Hans Renette's fine biog of Henry Bird.

27 January et seq. A series on Herbert Jacobs, described in his obituary in 1950 as, in his time, one of the strongest players in the country - 1. Beginning in Croydon; 2. Brixton, Benedict and Bar; 3.City Champ; 4. Congress Man 5. A Load of Old Cablers 6.Engaging Agnes 7. Congress Man Replayed

28 April. Brixton Byways 2½: Peyers You Went  - a reprise on the de Peyer brothers of the ancient Endeavour Chess Club of North Brixton, who were first described here.