Sunday 1 May 2016

Think of a number

The number in this Yahoo report about chess has been blacked out.

Before looking it up, can you possibly guess what it might be?


Anonymous said...

Tracing Kaplan on ChessBase, I found only 200-300 million played chess in 2010, "but the interest is not increasing" at that time.

So Kirsan has added 300-400 million in just 5-6 years! With non-increasing interest!

200-300 million people put themselves in front of a chess board every week, there are about one million chess players in the professional environment,

Furthermore, there are about 200 thousand amateur players in the world who play online regularly.

The word "billion" is mentioned though. And there will be many more of those who would like to play their equals for a million dollar prize. Apart from that, chess players will be attracted by world famous celebrities. There are already 300 famous people on our list, for example, Madonna. Let’s continue counting. How much will a portal with such a number of visitors be worth? One billion dollars? More?

They already were trying to control "all chess information"
We also plan to pass all the rights on chess information to Chess News Corporation
free data broadcasting, which is not always precise and correct, will never help the development of interest towards chess and its commercial success.

The linked Gazeta interview (RU), does say a billion players on the planet. Опять же в мире в этой потрясающей игрой увлечены примерно миллиард человек

Anonymous said...

Now up- to 1.2 billion!!

Laar said...

Kirsan just published a rambling text saying he just heard back from US Treasury, but I couldn't find in the text what they actually said.

Anyhow, he claims that

It is unlikely that US politicians are afraid of Ilyumzhinov. Where more likely that they are afraid of the idea of ​​«One billion chess players - one billion clever people» ( «one billion players - one billion smart people"), which is so persistently promotes the President of the International Chess Federation. Smart people probably really give votes for Trump or another leader who will offer the Americans to abandon the idea of ​​world domination, and do their own problems.