Friday 23 September 2016

We can't half pick 'em, part ninety million

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Jon H said...

Yep. It never ceases to amaze me that someone who is a (very) minor celeb manages to be appointed to a position which has nothing to do with his or her celeb "credentials". Then people are surprised when it all goes tits up...

Anonymous said...

Was he appointed? I thought he was voted.

(It's the same distinction between the Latvian finance minister, and the Lithuanian parliament member)

ejh said...

I think he was voted in, but without a challenger, though I stand to be corrected. This I think would satisfy either description.

Anonymous said...

He beat John Paines comfortably at the 2009 AGM. I'm slightly concerned RdC has not already said so and that he may be unwell.

I still think the ECF treated CJ shabbily. But I wouldn't try to defend his character at this point. Still hard cases make bad law.

Paul C

ejh said...

Well yes, I was thinking for instance of the time, after a public display of financial misconduct and defaming ECF officials, that the ECF refused CJ's resignation. Few of us could receive such a rebuff and yet feel we had been fairly treated.

Anonymous said...

If you recall the history of BCF/ECF Presidents, Gerry Walsh seemed to treat it as a job for life, despite at least one determined attempt to remove him. But by 2009, even he stood down just attempting to hang on to his position as FIDE Delegate, which he lost to Nigel Short.

It may have been Adam Raoof who knew CJ from the Golders Green tournaments who promoted CJ as candidate. It seemed to make sense, a media personality who could share his enthusiasm for chess. Perhaps unsurprisingly, what might be regarded as the "Friends of Gerry" lobby put forward an alternative, someone whose main claim to fame was being a member of Mensa and a representative of his local area on the ECF Council. The voters were not impressed.

I'm aware doubts had already been raised about financial matters and involvement of the Times Chess Correspondent, but the continued feud against the Sheffield arbiters after August 2011 caused opinion to turn against him. Finding out that he was being economical with the true history of whether he had been the most active player in England didn't help.


Anonymous said...

Relevant Paine was a proxy candidate. I consider RdC's pre-eminence restored.

I think the lawyers advise "allegedly" unless wrongdoing proved in court or one was present in person. But safe to assume CJ's lawyer has higher priorities.

I'm not here to defend CJ, which would be bizarre. I'm just saying it bothers me that the chess politics seems to be almost entirely about personality rather than policy.

Paul C