Saturday 19 November 2016


Just a reminder that the "renowned grandmaster" whose simultaneous display is advertised here by the English Chess Federation

is "renowned" in English chess circles for a number of unsavoury reasons, and one of them is - as I mentioned last time this occurred -
Ray Keene is not a member of the Federation. He has not been a member of the organisation for two decades. This is because he was obliged to leave the Federation when he was accused of defrauding that organisation of a sizeable sum of money.
As I also wrote:
Ray Keene has never made any proper explanation of his actions. Nor has he returned the money.
I'm all in favour of giving money and publicity to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Suppose we offer to donate the missing money to that very same charity whenever Ray gets round to coughing up?

And until that time arrives, suppose we tell the renowned plagiarist and spiv that he can get stuffed?

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