Tuesday 6 December 2016

Guardian of supreme excellence in the game

I've not really had my eye on Ray for a while, for one reason or another, so it was only just yesterday morning that I came across his Times column for October 24. Here's how it starts.

 Here's how it goes on.

And here's the same move annotated on page 15 of the first volume of My Great Predecessors (Garry Kasparov, Everyman, 2003).

Ray's at it again.

Black's twentieth:

Black's twenty-third:

Black's thirty-first:

Well that's as clear a case of plagiarism as you could possibly ask to see, isn't it? Even by the standards of Ray Keene, Britain's most prolific plagiarist.

As you probably guessed, there's more where that came from.

Ray Keene plagiarism index
Plagiarised by Ray index


Anonymous said...

You can almost predict what his column will be about on the eve of certain events.

-theblueweasel, still blue, still weasel

ejh said...

There was a period where every Xmas he would do basically the same set of notes to old Hastings games. At least he'd written them in the first place though.

AngusF said...

See also Ray's Times column of 12 May 2012.

ejh said...

Heh, yes, I'd missed that he'd used this one before.