Thursday 8 June 2017

A curious blend

General election day in the UK and Mike Basman has been setting out his views on the NHS: apparently it represents "a culture which pushes drugs relentlessly onto the populace", whatever he may think that means. Don't worry Mike, if the Tories win the NHS will be doing a lot less of that and everything else in the future.

Mike will have gained a boost from being the subject of Ray's widely-read Spectator column for June 3:

Given that Ray's political associates are normally titled members of the barking right, Mike Basman might be an improvement.

There's a game of course. It's a fifty-year-old game featuring Ray himself and the subject of his column. Of course.

Now I'm all in favour of contemporary reassessments of the classics, but this particular set of notes is not as contemporary as it might be, being familiar to anybody who's looked at this page during the last thirteen years.

Obviously there's nothing in the Spectator to say "once again you are reading notes that are years old and can be read for free somewhere else" but who cares, it wouldn't surprise anybody if Ray never wrote an original set of notes for that periodical again.

However, what actually interests me about the notes is that - a little bird tells me - they may not be original to either, but may have been written for the British Chess Magazine shortly after the game was played, half a century ago.

Regrettably, although I personally am more than half a century old, my BCM collection is not, and I have no copies prior to 1970. Do any readers have this game, or will everybody have to take my word for it?

It's a day for deciding whose promises you believe.


Anonymous said...

The game itself is on page 255 of the 1967 BCM. The only annotation is a diagram at the position where the Nxg7 sacrifice is played. It's also in the second edition of Flank Openings but only from that position onwards.


ejh said...

Thanks very much! That makes this blend more curious still. Apparently it's not CHESS from that year either.

Unless anybody knows where the notes come from, I'll hopefully be exploring (or perhaps explaining) the mystery further tomorrow.

ejh said...

Update - we have a set of notes from 1977, which will go up tomorrow. However, it is suspected that the original notes are from before that date.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the first IM - there have certainly been FMs

In 2015 for example

ejh said...

Of course! Thanks very much.

Wonder if Mike will beat Tim Wall's vote.

Anonymous said...

An election for Holyrood rather than Westminster, but Scottish IM, Andrew Muir stood in Dumbarton last year.


ejh said...

Thanks again Roger: here's the Wikipedia link. This is his election address and this appears to be a relevant case.

CLEVER 1 said...

p.s. Internet research suggests Scott Freeman has a seat on the ECF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!