Saturday 24 June 2017

One more for the road

I was idling through the BBC Sport page yesterday, not expecting to see much to interest my chessplaying side, when I came across the invitation:
Ready for another round of 200mph chess?
So I was bracing myself for another tenuous and wince-inducing comparison of another sport to ours, when...

...hang on... that who I think it is?

So it is. Very different shot, of course from another time and  fromthe other side of the the board, but so it is.

This weekend's Grand Prix is in Baku. And who's famous who's from Baku?

I'd drop the final caption, myself, but I was less interested in that than in what a strange photo it is (from 1995, I'm guessing) with Garry apparently watched from behind by a shadow-Garry.

It's a decent enough piece but you'd have tought they could have found a less weird photo - it's not like it's hard to find one of Garry, is it? These days he's everywhere, you just can't get away from him.

Anyway I hope those of you who are into this stuff enjoy the race and that the chap who went to my old school* wins the thing.

And I suppose we'd rather have a random mention of chess than not. Oscar Wilde, who much like Garry was Formula 1 class when it comes to vanity, said "there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about". The only thing worse than people talking about Garry Kasparov would be people not talking about Garry Kasparov.

[* well kind of - my school merged with another school and that's the one Lewis Hamilton went to]

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