Thursday 20 July 2017

What sort of person?

This is jerk behaviour, isn't it?

The bloke's been dead for maybe twenty-four hours and Nigel Short is picking a fight with him already.

Now as it happens, I wasn't a great admirer of Andrew Paulson. Nor I am of the school of thought that says that when a controversial figure passes away, that's a reason for forgetting all the doubts you had about them.

But at the same time there is such a thing as respect for the dead (and in this case, dead from cancer, well before his time) and pursuing feuds with them while the body is still warm is a distance outside the bounds of decency.

I'm sure there are people, who, if they said it was nothing personal, they were just trying to keep some truths in the public eye, you could probably believe them.

But Nigel Short ain't one of them. Because Nigel's got form on this subject. Unpleasantness about the dead as well as the living is what Nigel does. With Nigel, it's always personal. It's always a feud.

So when Nigel says this....

...he maybe wants to say it looking in a mirror, because one day people will be remembering what kind of a person he was.

I'm in no hurry to read Nigel's obituary. But when it's written, I hope it's by somebody who's less of a lousy human being than he is.


Anonymous said...

I see that the Torygraph have called him a naughty boy for this

ejh said...

Yes it's not the first time a chess story has popped up in that newspaper shortly after appearing on here.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mister Horton!

August 2012, from FIDE website:
«Entrepreneur Andrew Paulson, founder of AGON, said: “In an official International Olympics Committee (IOC) submission a few years ago, FIDE cited the number of chess players worldwide to be 605 million. I wanted to know if this was true and who and where they were. I was happily surprised; the results far exceeded our expectations.”»

Kind regards,
Riccardo Musso (Italy)
[ "ilMusso" on
"Sentenzio" on ]

ejh said...

Riccardo - thanks very much for those. I can remember seeing the first of those when I was researching the original piece I wrote about that nonsense! (In fact I see I linked to it: you can find it in the phrase "He directed my attention to this press release".)

Anonymous said...

Oh, perfect!
Riccardo Musso