Monday 20 November 2017

True, but not good

Decent piece in the Telegraph yesterday: an interview with Tania Sachdev by Alex Preston. Lots to like - and a little not to. Like this:

Now it's not the first time we've come across comments about sexist comments, and how they can drive women and girls out of the game. Which is odd, because according to the President of the English Chess Federation
There is no such thing as sexism in chess.
None at all, Dominic. None at all.


Anonymous said...

One wonders why Dom. would have made such a silly statement...
I hope matters are improving these days, and labels such as "girly move", are disappearing. Back in the day I would have used that, but I have grown up now.

Jonathan Rogers said...

Well, doesn't our President deny climate change too? I mean, he was selected for his connections, not for his tendency to say intelligent things.

ejh said...

Well I guess his position means he makes public statements and potentially has input on policy: his views on climate change (and on much else) aren't going to make any difference there, but his attitudes to women might.

Also, you know, if we were asked the straight question "so, you thought his contacts were a reasonable trade-off for his sexism?", what answer should we give?