Thursday, 5 July 2018

Clean hands

Also ongoing over the past few weeks, Nigel's Presidential campaign, for which Nigel uses the Twitter hashtag #cleanhands4fide: Nigel has now been backed by the English Chess Federation...

...and also by your friend and mine, who was last seen, as far as that very same Federation is concerned, resigning after cheating it of a sum of money.

This is support Nigel is very happy to advertise.

I may have said something similar before, but still, what can you do about this kind of shamelessness but point it out? You either cry "clean hands" or you welcome the backing of a professional cheat and a thief.

"Clean hands"? Clean hands my arse. When Nigel Short says "clean hands", he means clean hands for everybody else.


Chris G said...

And if he hadn't been happy to advertise it, you'd have done some investigative journalism and exposed his SECRET support, and then that would have been a scandal too. You could have gotten at least three posts out of that.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful Chris. The story is that Nigel is happy, nay proud, of Ray's support. It is a little like he would be proud of Makro supporting his campaign - theBlueWeasel

Chris G said...

Nah, the story is that Ray did something thoroughly unremarkable in expressing a preference for a candidate in an election, which was in danger of giving casual observers the impression that Ray Keene sometimes does unremarkable things. Fortunately, Justin was on hand to explain the implications for our Ray Keene vs. Rest Of The World wallchart.

Anonymous said...

Has Martin Smith retired? I enjoyed his posts.

Anonymous said...

ChrisG, I can appreciate that you may be tired of comments about Ray. There have been a lot of comments about him, but there is a reason that there are a lot of comments about him. Some points are minor, but some points are rather important if integrity is something which you hold dear. In the context of Clean Hands, Nigel retweeting Ray is clearly notable. It is rather poor form to try to straw the argument. By all means let us keep things in perspective. The world will not end because of the retweet, the campaign will not be destroyed because of the retweet. Equally let us not pretend that the merits of that retweet were not in themselves wanting.


Martin Smith said...

Hello Anon & thanks for the comment.
You could say I have "retired" from blogging: I'm devoting my time to writing a history of Streatham and Brixton CC, to be published in time for its looming 150th anniversary.
We'll reserve a copy for you.
Best Regards,

ejh said...

Good Lord, it appears my comments notifications aren't working and I missed all of these. These prevented me from deleting Chris G's comments, an error I shall try to avoid in future.