Friday 14 September 2018

Quiet game

It just occurred to me the other day that it was odd we've heard so little from Garry Kasparov during this campaign, particularly since the alliance between Arkady Dvorkovich and Nigel Short became apparent, what with one of these being Kasparov's friend (these days) and ally and the other being someone that Kasparov has referred to as
an agent of the Russian government.
Hang on, let me correct myself, it was actually Nigel who said that, a very long time ago in the middle of June. Still, a couple of days before, Kasparov himself was quoted thus:

Back then, Dvorkovich was an agent of Russian soft power, Nigel was against him and so was Kasparov, and everything was clear to us. Now, it's not so clear, and while we are hearing plenty from Nigel on the subject, none of it particularly easy to swallow, all seems quiet on the Kasparov front.

Which is his perfect right, of course, and I'm not much of a one for drawing many conclusions from what people don't say, as opposed to what they do.

But it's just a little curious, given that Garry's known interests include

(a) Vladimir Putin ; and
(b) the leadership of the chess world

and do not include

(c) keeping his opinions to himself on any subject, let alone (a) and (b).

So it seems to me that it would be at least potentially illuminating if any chess journalists were to ask him whether he has any thoughts on the matter of the FIDE Presidential contest, on Arkady Dvorkovich's proximity to Russian political power or on Nigel Short's proximity to Arkady Dvorkovich.

Garry's playing chess (sort of) in St Louis this week. Is there anybody who is in a position to ask him, while he's there?


Anonymous said...

The deal whether explicit or implicit has now become clearer.

Silence on the merits of the candidates for election in exchange for Vice President positions in the new administration.


ejh said...

Seems at least possible