Sunday 27 January 2019

Brain operation

If you haven't seen it yet, here's my email to Ray, as yet unanswered, in Kingpin.


Anonymous said...

The financial activity revealed here is very interesting to somebody who has a total lack of familiarity with financial wheels and deals. The definition of charity is rather changed from its traditional form. Does that mean that this kind of transaction flow is something which we have to expect. The practice of charities giving money to noble causes being merely some kind of romantic whim. What does the law say about moving the money around between friends and relations in this manner? The main puzzle, as I see it, is who gave these third rate institutions money in the first place?


Jon said...

Well for example if, hypothetically, a charity donates money to a spurious cause, and that spurious cause is actually a vehicle of one of the charity's founders, then it is a way of illegally circumventing all sorts of taxes.

I do agree that one wonders who the hell donates to these organisations...but I suppose the Buzan connection and the OBE might fool enough people to secure some material sums.

This looks awfully dodgy and warrants a proper investigation. The Charity Commission should be informed Justin.

ejh said...

The relevant details are here and here. (I will not pretend it is an easy process.)