Monday 10 December 2018

600 million reasons not to read Ray's new book

I'm sure you weren't going to touch it anyway, but I'm also sure you'll be as pleased as I was to learn from Olimpiu's review that everybody's favourite chess fraud has been happy - again - to repeat everybody's favourite fraudulent chess statistic.
chess can now boast 11 million games played online, worldwide every day; 600 million active chess players and no fewer than one billion smart phones in use with chess apps!
Well, he's happy to repeat, full stop.

As Olimpiu observes, Ray's said this already, in Synapsia, the magazine of his fraudulent Brain Trust charity:

and he said it again in the Spectator in September, sans the billion smart phones.

I've not seen the book, but according to Olimpiu this whole section (World Chess Comes to London) is copied out word-for-word from the Synapsia article.

Of course it is, it's what he does: but I hope on this occasion he found time for publication to check his dates.


Anonymous said...

I see that is still stuck in 2016. Who would have thought that such a vibrant publication would be so infrequently, or shoddily, updated.


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, there is something in a similar vein here - "According to Mind Sport Partners (MSP) and West Nally Company founder, Pat Nally, “There are 60-70 million Chinese Texas Holdem players on the Internet daily.” He says that Mind Games may be, “the 4th largest sports business on our planet.” There is a MSP office in Oxford,England at Barkley Square where the Executive team is executing Phase One of mass marketing."


ejh said...

The International Mind Sports Association:

"Uniting five federations of the traditional mind sports : Chess, Bridge, Draughts, Go and Xiangqi with over 400 National Associations and close to 500 million players."